Lesson #35 – Don’t be lazy.

Another night camping and another day passes without actually speaking to anyone. I start to doubt I’ll actually meet a Spaniard during my ride down the centre of Spain. I decide to wild camp again and am left to ride into the darkness of the night. Cars hoon past with their headlights on. I must look like a spec on the road as they speed past me and notice my red blinking rear light. Finding a camp in the middle of the night is near impossible. You don’t quite know if your looking in someones garden for that all elusive spot or a run down restaurants car-park. I decide to take my chances and push myself up a small incline on the side of the road. Anything is better than dodging traffic in pitch black. My eyes start to readjust to their new surroundings and I find a mound about 4 meters above the road. I had a high vantage point, so I could scope out the area for any back porch lights. The area was clear. I set up my tent quickly and jumped inside to ready myself for bed. I drifted slowly off to sleep before I was woken by the flapping of my waterproof outer sheet. I hadn’t secured my tent pegs down strong enough and a gust of wind had taken them out of the crusty ground. Only wearing my 3 day old bicycle shorts, I got up to tie the tent back down only to be welcomed by the winds accompanying rain. A small gail of wind and rain storm was passing right over my tent as I ran outside to tie down my belongings before they blew away or got drenched.

Lesson #35 – regardless of the weather when setting up camp, ensure you always erect your tent correctly prior to retiring to your sleeping bag for the night.







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